Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So, on Sunday evening when we had my sister and her husband over, Noah decided to come over to me and pull my shirt down so that EVERYTHING was revealed and said, "BABY INSIDE!" The more I kept trying to pull my shirt up, the more insistent he was about pulling it down and telling me that I had a baby in my boobs. I was finally able to correct him and redirect him to my stomach, where the baby really is!
After Sarah and James went home, me, Scott and Noah were hanging out in my front room upstairs. Noah kept playing with the screen on the fireplace and Scott asked him to stop. I wish I had had a camera because Noah gave Scott the dirtiest crusty I have ever seen! He scowled at him from the side with his brow furrowed and everything. Scott and I busted up laughing because it was so funny! Then Noah started laughing and he and Scott got into a tickle fight. I loved watching my boys roll around on the floor, laughing and tickling each other. Throughout the rest of the night, Noah kept running up to Scott to give him dirty looks but would start laughing almost the second he gave the look. He's my silly little boy :)

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